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Gemeente Leeuwarden

A multilingual and musical sitcom about living in different times.

A sitcom about living

Everyone longs for security; to a place of your own that you can call home. At the same time, we also need togetherness, community, neighbors we greet. The two are sometimes at odds with each other. How do we want to live and above all: live together? This is what the location performance Romte.

In this comedic and critical sitcom you travel through time with four characters. With them you (re)experience the housing shortage in the 1950s, the exuberant housing ideas of the 1970s and individualization in the 1990s. To eventually end up in the present, where a new housing crisis presents itself. Do the four find the housing of tomorrow?

The multilingual and musical Romte will play from October '22 at various locations in Friesland that have a link with the theme of living. We are guests at:

Friso Bouwgroep Headquarters in Sneek (5 to 8 October)
Contracting company Bangma in Sint Nicolaasga (14 & 15 October)
Construction and Infrastructure training at ROC Friese Poort in Drachten (19 to 21 October)
Jorritsma Bouw in Bolsward (26 & 27 October)
Door supplier Van Vuuren in Grou (28 & 29 October)
Bakker Construction Works in Workum (2 & 3 November)
Construction company Van Dijk in Surhuisterveen (4 & 5 November)
Siderius Forklifts in Leeuwarden (11 & 12 November)
Mensonides Installation in Harlingen (16 & 17 November)
North Dutch Wire Industry in Dokkum (18 & 19 November)
Friso Bouwgroep Houkesloot in Sneek (25 & 26 November)
Spruyt Water houses in Heerenveen (30 November to 3 December)
Construction company Van Marrum in Franeker (9 & 10 December)
Friso Bouwgroep Houkesloot prefab in Leeuwarden (16 & 17 December)

text Eelco Venema | concept and directing Eelco Venema | music Beppe Costa | game Beppe Costa, Lourens van den Akker, Marjolein Ley, Pleun de Roode | decor Afke Manshanden | costume design Afke Manshanden | lighting design Koos de Vries | dramaturgy Peter Sijbenga | assistant director Raymond Muller |

until 17 December
Vanaf € 15,50 (voor leden)

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Gemeente Leeuwarden
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