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Silvio Zangarini Stunning staircases fotography

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exposition Silvio Zangarini Stunning staircases fotografie

Silvio Zangarini (b 1981) graduated in Aesthetic Philosophy from the University of Turin. During his studies, he started working as a photographer, 

where he immersed himself in the concept of reality on an intellectual and visual level.

Reflecting on the nature of the object, he depicts reality, revealing its unshrouded appearance and turning it inside out.

Silvio has lived and worked in Turin, Aarhus and Utrecht. He is now based in Groningen. He has collaborated with galleries and cultural institutions in Turin,

Rome, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Leeuwarden.

Each city has a different angle, a different point of observation, a different view of reality.

He also works as an architectural photographer.

In the series, now on show at gallery the Rose of Tudor, Silvio Zangarini portrays staircases from all over Europe.

Combining traditional and modern photographic techniques, Zangarini creates a collage of different viewpoints

that allows him to go far beyond the technical limits of the camera.

"I became fascinated by the infinite directions of these stairs, even got lost in them like

Alice in Wonderland, and wondered where these visual perspectives could lead ".

In addition to the "Stunning staircases" series, a small exhibition features new paintings by Leeuwarden artist Henk Krist

Music is a major theme in this new work.

until 25 March

Here you will find Silvio Zangarini Stunning staircases fotography

Eewal 47 49
8911GR Leeuwarden
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