Hoofdbeeld Stimmen fan Fryslân

Stimmen fan Fryslân

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Heer Ivostraatje
8911 Leeuwarden
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Friesland is simultaneously the most linguistic and the most language-sensitive province in the Netherlands. You’ll encounter a huge variety of spoken languages: Frisian, Dutch, Papiamentu, German, City Frisian, Stellingwerfs (Dutch low-Saxon), even East and West Ameland and more. This makes the province a unique example for the rest of the world of how multilingualism works.

Friesland has a long tradition of research on multilingualism. Stimmen fan Fryslân is called Citizen Science: everyone can make a valuable contribution using a smartphone, a tablet or the website. Download our app, speak something into it, contribute to science, and help increase the knowledge of Friesland’s multifaceted linguistic landscape. 


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