Koningspad - Route Voorwerk Siegerswoude-Bakkeveen

(20.0 km)

They’ve reached a respectable age. Almost a thousand years. Ureterp, Siegerswoude, Duurswoude and Bakkeveen are amongst the oldest villages in Opsterland. The higher sandy ridges and the fertile grasslands in the lower valley lent themselves to the establishment of farmers who cleared the heath for arable farming and for grazing cattle in the grassland. In the middle ages, Bakkeveen was owned by the Mariëngaarde monastery in Hallum, which founded a grange at It Foarwurk in around 1250. 

Locations on this route

Start point: 9243 KC Binnenwei, Siegerswoude

Nieuw Allardsoog (zakelijk)

Jarig van der Wielenwei 6
9243 SH Bakkeveen
End point: Binnenwei, Siegerswoude