Koningspad - Route Beetsterzwaag-Olterterp

4 hours (20.0 km)

The Royal Mile, one and a half kilometres of cobblestone through the old city centre between two castles, is one of the main tourist attractions in Edinburgh. The 1.5 kilometres of manor houses that form the monumental flavour of Beetsterzwaag are nowhere near as famous, but the large country estates are still fantastic to see. The classically built country houses have in many cases made it through the centuries relatively unscathed. 

Locations on this route

Start point: Hoofdstraat
9244 CP Beetsterzwaag
Hotel Restaurant Het Witte Huis

Hotel Restaurant Het Witte Huis

Van Harinxmaweg 20
9246TL Olterterp
End point: Beetsterzwaag