Elfsteden cycling route

(257.0 km)

Of course, the tour of tours is the Eleven Cities (Elfsteden)! Not only for skaters, but also for cyclists. Enjoy the vast Frisian countryside over a distance of 255 km. You start and finish in Leeuwarden and cycle on a clockwise basis, but the other way round is also fine. You can always start the tour in a different location or cycle a part of it. Each city has its own charm. The sizes also differ: Sloten has 900 inhabitants while Leeuwarden has over 90,000. Visit all eleven cities to really experience Friesland. And you’ll be continuously amazed by Friesland’s changing landscape with all the water, beautiful views, space and fresh air when travelling between the cities.

Sights on this route

Starting point: 8913 AA Leeuwarden
End point: Leeuwarden