Discover the dark: Friesland by night

It is nowhere as dark as here

Undisturbed enjoyment of the starry sky, who wouldn't want that? The oeh-oeh of a distant owl. Crickets in the grass. Wind along the roofs and waves in the water. You only hear it when it is really quiet.

When the setting sun colors the sky and the world cools down from a long working day. It is time to visit each other at a campfire and listen to the best stories until late. To spot deer in the twilight. To trade the bank for a tree stump and stare breathlessly at the moon. You can count the craters on a clear evening.

Inspiration for a space trip to Friesland - Our province at its darkest

Give me some space

Elon Musk, Richard Branson and also our own André Kuipers are all well-known space lovers. We understand that a one-way outer space is not feasible for everyone. So keep both feet on the ground and experience a different kind of space: we have listed the places that give you the feeling that the Milky Way is at your feet. Grab your bike, car or space shuttle and set sail for Friesland, because we have Eise Eisinga and its Planetarium. You can leave your spacesuit at home.

Watching distant stars

Experience the night sky, marvel at the Milky Way and count stars until you can no longer. With both feet on the ground without compromise on view, because here it is really dark. A Dark Sky experience in Friesland should be on everyone's radar, because nowhere else in the Netherlands do you enjoy the stars so beautifully.

Here you will find the only two official Dark Sky Parks in our country. No bright city lighting and air pollution, but pure pitch darkness and the starry sky.

Strange birds

With space we think of weightless hovering, and views of a world that is so big and yet so small! The Alde Feanen National Park is such a hidden place where nature surrounds you and where you can roam and float around in your boat without realizing time. And while you're there, take the time to immerse yourself in the local fauna, meadow birds, sea eagles and meadow geese and many other birds float through the air and skim over the water. There in the middle of nature, who is open to earthly wonder, feels as free as a bird.

Salty gravity

Do you want to experience the water in a different way? Then you go mudflat walking. For the floating types, who want to ground or for those who love solid ground. You feel gravity pull on you more than ever while the salty air fills your lungs and the wind rushes in your ears. Welcome to the large mud bath on the Frisian earth. A spa or an alien experience? You can say it.

Night music

Stay in the dark with these dreamy tunes for lonely evenings, relaxed nights and beautiful moments. These artists literally sing the stars of heaven with songs like 'Rewrite the Stars', 'Dark Times' and 'Saturday Nights'.


Be surprised - In the darkest place in the Netherlands

Get in that night. Feel the evening on your cheeks, breathe in the cool air and look around you. Spot bats at work while hedgehogs sneakily crawl onto the sidewalk. Hang in the grass to see stars fall far away. Make a wish! Hear the silence.

See? You experience so much beauty in the dark.


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