Friesland, Northern landscape of culture

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The happiest people in the Netherlands live in the province of water, landscape and culture. The Frisians were already celebrating it in 2018 as the European Capital of Culture. In 2021, they’ll put the spotlight on their beautiful natural surroundings with Ode to the Landscape, the national theme year of NBTC Holland Marketing. Quite rightly so, according to Lonely Planet, who have listed the province in the Top 3 Best of Europe. 


Friesland will host loads of great events during Ode to the Landscape 2021. The legendary Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Ice-Skating Tour) traverses the beautiful Frisian landscape and entrances you with an unprecedented musical spectacle. Or be surprised by one of the most extraordinary theatre festivals in Europe on the idyllic island of Terschelling. Want to discover even more? View all 2021 highlights here. 

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Here are some other things you should definitely not miss during a visit to Friesland.

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