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Restaurant Wannee


Fair, flavourful, local dishes, with no artificial flavourings, and for which unusual vegetables and methods of preparation play a major role. Pure and natural.

Honesty tastes the best

Honesty is the best policy. It’s an old proverb and at Restaurant Wannee, we know better than anyone that honesty also tastes the best by far. We push the boundaries by serving dishes that are fair, flavorful, local, with no artificial flavoring, and for which unique vegetables and methods of preparation play a major role. Our attention to taste is coupled with our attention to the impact our diet has on the earth. With respect to our Dutch culinary culture, we’ve named our restaurant after Cornelia Johanna Wannée, the author of one of the first Dutch cookbooks. Almost a century later, we honour her life’s work in our restaurant. If you’d like to find out more, you’re welcome to come and try us out.

Here you will find Restaurant Wannee

Rengerslaan 8
8917 DD Leeuwarden
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