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Restaurants, bars and other places in Friesland

Find and book your favorite restaurant in the province

Sadly, all restaurants have been closed due to the COVID-19 measures taken by the Dutch government. There is an exemption on food delivery, which is still possible. In addition, hotels are prohibited to serve food, drinks and provide roomservice. These measure will be in effect until 28-04-2021.

Friesland has plenty to offer in the culinary field. Do you want to eat luxury in one of the three star restaurants, have a nice drink with friends, get to know the Frisian cuisine or eat outside with your kids? Everything is possible. Choose from the numerous restaurants, eateries, lunchrooms, brasseries and beach pavilions.

anwege de corona maatregelen zijn horecagelegenheden door de rijksoverheid gesloten, met uitzondering van afhalen. Ook in hotels wordt momenteel geen eten of drinken geserveerd, ook geen roomservice. Dit duurt tot ten minste 2 maart 2021.


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