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Friesland & Leeuwarden: the cultural hotspot

Artistic sense. We all suffer from it a little bit.
We want to go out. Meet. See. Hear. Feel. Art.

While we long for the good old days and a light at the end of the tunnel, we have for now listed all the corona-proof art and culture events Friesland has to offer at this moment. We closely monitor the measures taken regarding corona and renew our offer continuously. This ensures you are always up to date with the latest offer.

The highlights of culture in Friesland


  • Performances and stages

    Band is aan het optreden op een podium tijdens Explore the North in Leeuwarden
  • Cultural sights

    Het Woudagemaal onder stoom in Lemmer
  • Wjerspegelje

Tips voor jouw cultuur trip naar Friesland

Sense of Place

Sense of Place Van Niels Lahuis ontvangen op 24-6-2020 in mailbox van Wouter Hoekman in overleg met Karin Hofmeijer. ^WH

The Wadden area as an open-air museum. Artists, architects, residents, researchers, nature conservation and landscape management decorate our coast with unique landscape art.

I promise...

I promise...

"to visit more museums in Friesland"

Frisians, visit a museum near you!

Frisians, visit a museum near you!

Due to the corona measures, events are forbidden by the government. Also museums, theaters, cinema’s and non-essential stores are closed. This will last until atleast the 9th of February. The information on may be incorrect. Prior to your visit always check the website of the location or event you intend to visit. Or have a look at The museums hope to welcome you as soon as possible after the lockdown. More information will follow later.

Passe-partout Frisian museums now available

Passe-partout Frisian museums now available

The Passe-Partout Friese Musea is a beneficial way to experience the extensive offer regarding expositions and collections in Friesland and the Wadden Islands. Come and experience the Frisian culture!

Leeuwarden Hofstad

Leeuwarden Hofstad

Did you know that Leeuwarden was a Hofstad of the Frisian Nassaus? Willem Carel Hendrik Friso was stadtholder of Leeuwarden until 1747. As a result, there are many traces back in Leeuwarden.

Festivals in Friesland

Festivals in Friesland Uit ODP vermelding LUNA festival 2019 gehaald. ^WH

Feel like a party? In Friesland it is always a party, especially with these cool festivals that go to the province. From festivals with a specific theme to events that are fun for a wider audience. Which one do you put on your bucket list?

11fountains walking routes

11fountains walking routes Persoon in pak staat onder een gouden paraplu bij de fontein in Franeker

Learn more about the eleven fountains by means of these beautiful new city walks.

Ask a Local

Ask a Local

Put that guidebook back into your bag. Our locals can tell you like no other what you really should not miss during your visit to Friesland.

Podcast 'Leeuwarden: The city of Marijke Meu' (NL)

Podcast 'Leeuwarden: The city of Marijke Meu' (NL)

In a new podcast from NBTC Holland, Mayor of Leeuwarden Sybrand Buma and curator of the Fries Museum Marlies Stoter talk about the Royal Family and the Frisian Nassaus.

Friesland with kids

Friesland with kids Verzonden via Wetransfer door Mijke Bos naar Karin Hofmeijer. ^WH

Are you coming to Friesland with your little one? What a party! Thanks to play parks, kids-friendly museums and nature reserves, children will have the time of their lives here.

Over Culturele Hoofdstad LF2018 & LF2028 - Terugblik en de toekomst


Getting people in motion through culture. That is what LF2028 wants to achieve. They will do this with the recurring Arcadia. In this triennial LF2028 works together for 100 days with artists and residents on special projects that focus on the Frisian outside areas. As European Capital of Culture, City of Literature and still in the race for the title of European Green Capital 2025, the Frisian people are everything but done hunting for a bright future. They have only just started.

Read more about LF2028
Reuzen lopen door het centrum van Leeuwarden

Review LF2018

In 2018 Leeuwarden and Friesland have been European Capital of Culture. A year that was packed with art, culture and innovation. 60.000 Frisian people have helped this year to work on the future by means of 1200 big and small projects. A huge success, which is still continued: LF2028.

View the program