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Museums in Friesland

A distinctive personality, its own language, unique traditions and exciting cultural sports... No wonder this province has so many museums: there is so much to tell! Apart from in ultra-modern buildings, the museums are also located in special buildings such as the historic birthplace of Escher, an old bunker, a royal country house or a renovated farm.

Theatre church (Theaterkerk) Nes

Theatre church (Theaterkerk) Nes Uit ODP vermelding gehaald.

Discover a life-size Night Watch that you can experience 360 degrees. Walk around it and through it. On the back, you can peek into the 17th century by looking over Rembrandt’s shoulder, with references to scenes from the life and oeuvre of the artist.

poison, face to face with living animals

poison, face to face with living animals Foto's ontvangen van Ellen Roetman. Bericht in Wouter Hoekman's mailbox. ^WH


At home with escher

At home with escher Gezin bekijkt het kunstwerk in de stijl van Escher in het  Princessehof in Leeuwarden

Imagine yourself in the world of M.C. Escher, in the Princessehof Ceramics Museum in Leeuwarden. Through photos from his youth, objects and a documentary, the connection between Escher and the Princessehof becomes clearer than ever. The influence of ceramics on Escher’s artistry also becomes apparent.

Frisian Museums Pass

Frisian Museums Pass

Now available! The Frisian Museums Pass is a great way to explore the wide variety of exhibitions and collections in Friesland and the Wadden Islands at a discount. Discover the rich culture of Friesland.

Fries Museum

Fries Museum Foto's ontvangen van Janke Vlas n.a.v. de museumpagina onder 'Cultuur'. Akkoord in de mailbox van Wouter Hoekman.

Discover interesting exhibitions in the Fries Museum, including Other.Worldly. Artists from home and abroad depict an underwater world in the Fries Museum. And finally on display: Eye to eye with war.



Did you know that you can find information about 120 museums and galleries on Have a look at the wide range and start making your bucket list!

More museums in the spotlight

Koninklijk Eise Eisinga Planetarium

The entire solar system dangling from the ceiling of a small house in Franeker. The world’s oldest working planetarium can be found here and it’s definitely worth a visit!

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Museum Belvédère

A premier museum of twentieth century art and contemporary visual art from Friesland. This architectural masterpiece straddling a historic canal, is also beautiful on the outside due to its location in Museum Park Landgoed Oranjewoud.

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Vanuit ODP. Hoofdfoto. ^WH