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Museums and galeries in Friesland

Friesland breathes culture. It is not for nothing that we will be the European Capital of Culture in 2018. With our own language, many museums and special traditions such as the Eleven Cities Tour, we can say that Friesland is a top of mind destination if you like art and culture.

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  • Museum 't Fiskershuske

    Museum 't Fiskershuske

    The museum aims to maintain the cottages in their original state and to collect and exhibit objects that are linked to the old inshore fishing industry including the life of the inhabitants of the coastal villages. The first dwelling, bearing the sa...

  • Frisian Maritime Museum

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    Frisian Maritime Museum

    The Frisian Maritime Museum focuses on the history of Frisian shipping.

  • Museam Belvédere

    Museam Belvédere

    The sleek museum building was designed by Eerde Schippers from Inbo architects in Heerenveen. The building is intrinsically connected with the landsca...

  • Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre

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    Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre

    On the Afsluitdijk causeway, at Kornwerderzand, you will find a remarkable building resembling a foaming wave, breaking on the causeway wall: this is the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre.

  • Gaasterlands Streek Museum Eppinga Sate

    Gaasterlands Streek Museum Eppinga Sate

  • Eerste Nederlandse Opel Automuseum

    Eerste Nederlandse Opel Automuseum

    Eind jaren 70 is de Opel Oldtimerhobby van Meindert van Wijk begonnen Deze hobby is uit de hand gelopen tot het hebben van ongeveer 55 Opel Oldtimers Auto's, en deze zijn allemaal te bekijken in het 1e Nederlandse Opel Oldtimer AutoMuseum te Tijnje m...

  • Cultuur Historisch Centrum 'De Tiid'

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    Cultuur Historisch Centrum 'De Tiid'

    Museum De Tiid, in the former historic town hall in Bolsward, shows the fascinating history of Southwest Fryslân. Take your time for the interactive presentations and feast your eyes in the photogenic council chamber, on the steps and in the city hall tow

  • Openluchtmuseum It Damshûs

    Openluchtmuseum It Damshûs

    The open-air museum offers a fascinating retrospective view into the past, somewhere around 1900. The museum also shows its visitors the process in which bog is turned into peat and the horrible conditions the laborers had to deal with. Dwelling hous...

    Nij Beets
  • Keatsmuseum


    Het Keatsmuseum is het oudste sportmuseum van Nederland. Het museum geeft in haar vaste opstelling een beeld van de historische ontwikkeling van de kaatssport. In wisselende tentoonstellingen vindt je er alles over de kaatssport.

  • Kollumer Museum Mr Andreae

    Kollumer Museum Mr Andreae

    Streekmuseum over de geschiedenis van Kollum en omgeving.

  • Eise Eisinga Planetarium

    Eise Eisinga Planetarium

    The oldest working planetarium in the world.

  • Natuurmuseum Fryslân (Frisian Museum of Natural History)

    Natuurmuseum Fryslân (Frisian Museum of Natural History)

    An interactive museum for the whole family to enjoy!

  • Kazemattenmuseum


    On Kornwerderzand at the head of the Afsluitdijk are the famous casemates, largely hidden under sand. Within the metre-thick walls, the period before and from May 1940 is revived.

  • Museum Dr8888

    Museum Dr8888

    Welkom bij Museum Dr8888: een inspirerend, educatief en verbindend museum met onderscheidende regionale en (inter)nationale tentoonstellingen. Samen met museumwoning het Van Doesburg-Rinsemahuis een bezoek waard!

  • Grou Command Post

    Grou Command Post

    The former command post at Grou is now part of a museum that conserves the heritage of the organisation set up to protect the population during the Cold War. Experience the feeling of the Cold War and visit the underground bunkers.

  • Sorgdrager Cultural History Museum

    Sorgdrager Cultural History Museum

    In the Cultural History Museum, the culture, history and customs of Ameland come together in a very special way. Whoever visits the Sorgdrager museum, walks through time and experiences Amelander history.

  • 'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace

    'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace

    'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace. Our museum has an incredible collection of classic cars, as well as an beautiful (and huge) model railway. Other collections include lace and textiles, radios, and Meccano.

  • Museum Warkums Erfskip

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    Museum Warkums Erfskip

    Enjoy Workum from the weigh house!

  • Museum en Werkplaats Houtstad IJlst

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    Museum en Werkplaats Houtstad IJlst Viking Games 4 november 2023 Houtstad IJlst

    Experience the history of IJlst during an active visit to: Museum and workshop Houtstad IJlst. IJlst has been connected with wood for many centuries.

  • Noarderleech Visitor Centre

    Noarderleech Visitor Centre

    If you plan to hike through the Noard-Fryslân Bûtendyks salt marshes, be sure to start at the Noarderleech Visitor Centre to make the most of your visit. The centre informs visitors about the nature and history of the coastal landscape of North Friesland.

  • Blokhuispoort


    The Blokhuispoort is a cultural business-centre in the lively centre of Leeuwarden. Housed in a former prison, it is now full of creative initiatives, businesses, and pop-up shops- as well as eateries, a hostel, and a brand-new library.

  • Fierljeppolder en -museum

    Fierljeppolder en -museum

    Fierljeppen is leuk, gaaf en er is veel over te vertellen. Wil je het zelf eens proberen? De Fierljeppolder heeft alles!

  • Mar en Klif Visitor Center

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    Mar en Klif Visitor Center

    In the visitor centre, you will discover many aspects of National Landscape Southwest Fryslân

  • De Utrecht

    De Utrecht De voormalige kantoorzaal

    A hidden gem in the middle of downtown Leeuwarden. Built in 1904 in art nouveau style, crammed with sayings, lavishly decorated and full of symbolism. Carefully provided with high-quality contemporary additions in 2021. Open to the public!