Friesland Waterland

Streams, rivers, canals, ponds, ditches and locks. We have more words for bodies of water than for bread in Friesland. This is logical since we’ve had to deal with the water for centuries. We drove back the sea, navigated the canals, pole vaulted over locks and built terps to keep ourselves dry. Experience our lovely waterscape.

Water sports

Living with water

Hang loose Friesland Style

You can kitesurf in various locations in the province, but Workum is the Mecca for kitesurfing. This is where you’ll find the best conditions for a day or a week on the water. If you want to learn to kitesurf, then just register with one of the many kitesurfing schools in Workum or the rest of Friesland.

Jump in

There are obviously a lot of places to go swimming in a province with so much water. Every large municipality has its own swimming pool, but there are plenty of swimming locations in the lakes and open waterways. Click on the link below to find all the places you can go for a Frisian dip.

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