Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre

On the Afsluitdijk causeway, at Kornwerderzand, you will find a remarkable building resembling a foaming wave, breaking on the causeway wall: this is the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre. This Centre offers a total familiarisation experience of the Unesco World Heritage regions of the Waddenzee, of the unique Vismigratierivier (fish migration river), the IJsselmeer region and last but not least, of the Afsluitdijk causeway itself. Against this background, visitors will not only receive an interactive and vivid impression of local surroundings, but also of the many engineering and other innovative projects that will be completed here over the next few years in cooperation with De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk (the New Afsluitdijk).


Afsluitdijk 1 C
8752 TP Kornwerderzand
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General accessibility For blind or partially sighted For wheelchair users or poorly injured visitors

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