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Routes in Friesland | Walking, cycling, boating and more

There’s nothing wrong with jumping in your car for a quick trip from Amsterdam to Holwerd. But you don’t have to do that in Friesland. It’s an area made for biking and walking. No mountains to face, no drops for taking your foot off the gas. There are winding paths through thirteen different landscapes and over rolling dikes. Watch out for the sheep when cycling over the dikes. They maintain our dikes but don’t take their fellow road users into consideration.

walking trails

Take a walk in Friesland! Whether you like long-distance walks or prefer a detour: has all the walking routes ready for you. Here you will find hiking trails over winding dikes, through the Eleven Cities, along the water or deep through the forest. Go on foot through the varied Frisian landscape and enjoy every step. Our network of walking nodes ensures that you never get lost.

cycling routes

You see so much when you go cycling. Exploring Friesland is perfect by bike, because the best cycling junction network in the Netherlands is waiting for you here. We have plenty of choice of short and long cycling routes. For example, the routes take you past the famous Eleven Cities, but you will also discover undiscovered Frisian regions. Jump on your bike,  e-bike, cargo bike or mountain bike!

Fietsen bij de Martenastate in Koarnjum


Around the block by boat? Floating on the shiny waves in a dinghy? You feel in your waterway that you want to discover the Frisian lakes or undiscovered routes such as the Acht van Grou or the Turfroute. There is probably a route that you don't know like the back of your hand yet. Book a house on the water, rent a boat, order a picnic basket and go on the water.

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Friesland has the 11fountains; also called the new cultural heritage of Friesland. Eleven international top artists designed the 11fountains. Visit the fountains, listen to the splashing water and be inspired by the beautiful works of art. An 11fountains walking route is a short route, perfect to explore the city in an afternoon. While walking the route, there is plenty of time to wander off and explore the highlights along it.