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(40.0 km)

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The Terschelling culinary bicycle route begins at the harbour of West-Terschelling. With the Terschellinger shell paths as your treasure map y…

The Terschelling culinary bicycle route begins at the harbour of West-Terschelling. With the Terschellinger shell paths as your treasure map you'll cycle through forest and dunes to som of the best culinary riches the island has to offer. Or go on an adventurous excursion and discover the rich and nutritious secrets of nature. Pick fruit in the autumn, eat oysters while walking the mudflats or go horseback riding through the surf. The Wadden is one of the most important nature areas in the Netherlands and Europe. Even on the world stage our Wadden play a prominent role when it comes to flora and fauna. The island is an extraordinary ecosystem that you can enjoy on your bike but even more on your plate. On Terschelling farmers, gardeners and nature protectors work together to ensure the safety of the island's riches. On this route you'll cycle along the beach and through the polder, over dunes and dike exploring the Frisian landscape in all its glory.

Rest stops and accommodations

The villages on Terschelling offer hospitality and culinary delights while forests, dunes and beaches give you space to spread your wings. No other people in sight; just you, the sea and the birds. The purple heather is in bloom in late summer, cranberry picking begins in October and after a chilly winter walk on the beach you'll find an oasis of warmth in the many bars and restaurants. The route takes you from west to east and back again You can follow the route in two directions. You'll find great places to stop for coffee and cake, lunch, a drink and snacks or fine dining. In addition to the culinary hotspots there are sorts of excursions and activities that will make your visit truly one to remember. Terschelling is perfect for a weekend getaway and has so many unique accommodations to choose from all over the island; west, middle or east. To find the best hotels and holiday homes visit the VVV Terschelling website or have a look here.

4 tips for your shopping

  • Keurslager Schaafsma, Torenstraat 53
    Slagerij Schaafsma sells, among others, beef and lamb from the island.
  • De Bionier, Burg Reedekerstraat 8
    Pop in for your local Terschellinger vegetables, honey, beer and home-made meals!
  • Lokaal Terschelling, Torenstraat 3
    Fill a picnic basket to the brim with scrumptious island rolls, bonbons and smoothies.
  • Het Olde Ambaecht
    In their shed Hans and Quirina sell warm and cold smoked sustainable eel, mackerel and salmon.


Before departure check the coronavirus regulations for the cafés, shops and hotels you wish to visit. They may be closed, have adapted opening hours or temporary behaviour regulations due to the pandemic.
Partial closing and/or adapted opening hours may apply during the off season. It may be a good idea to (phone) contact the places you wish to visit.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Willem Barentszkade
West Terschelling

De Walvis

P.a. Burg. Reedekerstraat 35
8881 BZ West Terschelling
De Walvis

De Bessenschuur – Koffie & Theehuys

Badweg 1
8881 HG West-Terschelling
De Bessenschuur – Koffie & Theehuys

West Aan Zee beach pavilion

Badweg West 7
8881 HG West-Terschelling
West Aan Zee beach pavilion

Paviljoen De Branding

Midsland aan Zee 457
8891 Midsland aan Zee
Paviljoen De Branding

't Golfje

Heereweg 22 a
8891 HS Midsland Noord
't Golfje

Pura Vida Foodbar

Oosterburen 36
8891 GC Midsland
Pura Vida Foodbar

De Zeekraal

Oosterend 17
8897 HW Terschelling
De Zeekraal

De Heeren van Der Schelling

Oosterend 43
8897 HX Oosterend Terschelling
De Heeren van Der Schelling

Puur Terschelling

Oosterend 39
8897HX Oosterend
Puur Terschelling

Zelfpluktuin Groenhof

Dorpsstraat 111
8896 JA Hoorn Terschelling
Zelfpluktuin Groenhof

’t Olde Ambaecht

Tordelenweg 10
8896 JK Hoorn Terschelling
’t Olde Ambaecht

Kitchen workshop Flang in de Pan

Dorpstraat 25
8896 JA Terschelling
Kitchen workshop Flang in de Pan

Music café De Vijfpoort

Formerum 47
Music café De Vijfpoort

De Koffiemolen

Formerum 6
8894 KG Formerum
De Koffiemolen

Tiger Bunker Complex

Tigerpad 5
8881 GB West-Terschelling
Tiger Bunker Complex

Loods Lounge Restaurant

Willem Barentszkade 39
8881 BD West-Terschelling
Loods Lounge Restaurant

Restaurant Nap

Torenstraat 55
8881 BH West-Terschelling
Restaurant Nap
End point: West Terschelling


Starting point: Willem Barentszkade
West Terschelling
  • Terschelling Harbour, ferry arrival times
    Didn't bring your bike? You can rent one at one of the many bicycle rental shops at the harbour: Zeelen, ThijsKnop or Haantjes. Many of the bicycle rentals offer luggage service so you can hop on your bike and go. Read more on your bicycle rental service's website .
  • De Walvis
    You've handed in your luggage and found a bike. Your Terschelling adventure simply must begin with a drink at De Walvis. With a view of sailboats, the beach and endless skies this is arguably the most popular place on the island.
  • Coffee and tea house De Bessenschuur
    Cycle via dunes and forest to the Bessenschuur. Cranberries and Terschelling are an inseparable pair. From 19 October 2020 you are free to pick them. You'll find more information in De Bessenschuur where you can visit the Cranberry museum and participate in taste testing and excursions.
  • Paviljoen West aan Zee
    After all that picking and tasting it’s time to relax. Cycle on to Terschellinger Noordzeestrand post 8. The recently renovated pavilion West Aan Zee has local products on the menu.
  • Paviljoen De Branding
    Feel like cycling a bit more? Cycle another 4 kilometres to Paviljoen De Branding in Midsland aan Zee where the endless beaches and beauty continue.
  • Petit Restaurant ’t Golfje
    Cycle from the dunes to the polder. In Midsland-Noord you'll find ‘t Golfje. Enjoy the most delicious seasonal dishes in three to eight courses. Or go that extra mile with accompanying wines. In the polder you'll cycle past Striep and up onto the Wadden dike. Follow the bike path with infinite views over the Wadden Se tot De Wierschuur, where seaweed used to be dried and pressed. It's just a short ride from the high dunes to the muddy Wadden coast where you can spot hundreds of different kinds of birds. And if you look really hard maybe even a seal or two. Just after this point the Boschplaat begins: one of the most important nature areas in the Wadden. You can't cycle any further than this to the east.
  • Organic sheep farm De Zeekraal
    Cycle from the dike to the village of Oosterend. Here you'll find De Zeekraal organic sheep farm where you can buy an array of local and organic products. Have you ever eaten sheep ice cream? You'll also find home-made cheeses, jam and clothing.
  • Puur Terschelling
    Walking the mudflats while eating oysters, horseback riding on the beach or a romantic sleigh ride in the snow? It's all possible at Puur Terschelling.
  • Zelfpluktuin Groenhof
    Cycle to the west. The village of Hoorn has some great businesses, like Zelfpluktuin Groenhof with (dried) flowers and seasonal veggies you can find displayed on a table along the road.
  • Het Olde Ambaecht
    Het Olde Ambacht is also worth a visit. In their shed Hans and Quirina sell warm and cold smoked sustainable eel, mackerel and salmon (you may recognise them from the KRO-NCRV programme BinnensteBuiten). The Tres Hombres sailboat transports the smoked salt.
  • De Koffiemolen
    Cycle to Formerum (pronounced: Formeerum) and eat what is probably Terschelling's very best cranberry pastry and sorbet at De Koffiemolen. When the mill became redundant in 1964 the miller began serving coffee. And son Gosse is still doing just that.
  • De Vijfpoort
    Fancy a drink? Then grab a seat with Jan and Conny from De Vijfpoort. This music café serves various Terschellinger beers. Curl up by the wood-burning stove and warm up with a Brandaan or Skylger Blond
  • Bunker Museum Terschelling
    Cycle via Midsland through forest and dunes towards West-Terschelling. Climb up onto the high dunes on your way for a heavenly vista. Cycle past the Duinmeertje van Hee to Bunker Museum Terschelling. For the history buffs: in 4 of the 85 bunkers on the Tigerstelling you can see how they were used in WWII. Book a tour via the VVV.
  • Café Loods
    The Rondje Terschelling will its island mushroom croquettes and a crackling fireplace will warm you through and through. Relax at Loods and take in the view of De Betonning and the Wadden Sea. And be sure to get your unique souvenirs for those back home.
  • Restaurant Hotel Nap
    Want to have a good meal before going on board the boat again? At historical Hotel Nap Chef Sander Wever recently began conjuring up his delicious dishes with local ingredients from the Wadden, beef from the  Boschplaat herd and vegetables from Zilte Tuin in Oosterend. Savour the true flavour of Terschelling at the foot of the Brandaris.
End point: West Terschelling


  • Seasonal information: In the low season, there may be partial closures and/or alternative opening hours. It may be useful to contact the places you want to visit (by phone) in advance.
  • Starting point: Port West Terschelling. Here you arrive by boat on the island. Here you will find the tourist information office, several bike rental companies and cafes, shops and restaurants. Didn't bring your bike? Rent one at one of the many bicycle renters on the have, such as Zeelen (, ThijsKnop ( ) or Haantjes ( ).
  • Name of Administrator: This route has been made possible by the Interreg 5a program Wadden Agenda.
    The 'Wadden Agenda' project is carried out within the framework of the INTERREG program Germany-Netherlands and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development, as well as by the Provinces of Friesland and Groningen, supervised by the program management of the Eems Dollart Region (EDR).
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  • Type of Route: Recreation
  • Route obstacles: On the road
  • Route characteristics: From A to A
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  • GroupsYes
  • FamiliesYes
  • Young peopleYes
  • PupilsYes
  • StudentsYes
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