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Water sports and recreation in Friesland

On the water you enjoy the ultimate feeling of freedom, the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. As soon as you set foot on dry land, you hold on to that feeling in Friesland. Continue your journey on foot or by bike and experience the unique landscape and undiscovered special places. We call this Roaming, Friesland Style.

Opfriesen op het water


Our province offers you fun, special, unique and exciting events and activities. Whoever you go with, it will be fun anyway! And if you can't choose, why don't you just come back for a day?

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Echtpaar stapt vanaf de boot aan land

sustainable water recreation

Friesland offers many opportunities to explore the province in a green way from or along the water. There are numerous rental companies of electric sloops, canoes and SUPs with which you can go out on the water with a good feeling. During your tours, don't forget to get off and visit various Frisian entrepreneurs. They are happy to introduce you to their local regional products and fun activities.

Everything about sustainable water recreation

“Ultimate freedom on the water. Water in all directions for kiting and windsurfing!”

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