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Sustainable water sports and water recreation in Friesland

Friesland offers many opportunities to explore the province in a green way from or along the water. There are numerous rental companies of electric sloops, canoes and SUPs with which you can go out on the water with a good feeling. During your tours, don't forget to get off and visit various Frisian entrepreneurs. They are happy to introduce you to their local regional products and fun activities.

Go on the water sustainably - with an electric boat, SUP or canoe

Rental locations

Sustainable 'Grien Blau' sailing routes

Did you get an electric boat, canoe or SUP? Great, now it's time to hit the water! By the way, you can contribute to sustainability not only on the water, but also along the water. The 'Grien Blau' sailing routes take you not only through a beautiful area, but also past all kinds of nice addresses where you can taste regional products or undertake sustainable activities.

More green sailing routes

Keeps the Frisian water clean and blue, that starts with you!


Charging stations for electric sloops

Throughout Friesland you will find charging stations to charge your (rented) electric sloop. While your sloop is charging, you certainly don't have to be bored. Time to explore ashore and discover the nicest pictures and places in Friesland!

Find a charging station

Green fuel: Blue Diesel / HVO100

Are you still going on the water with a non-electric boat? Then consider filling up with HVO100, also known as 'blue diesel'. This low-emission fuel comes from biological raw materials, does not smell and makes your boat a lot quieter. That way you sail a lot grier! HVO100 is available on shore and on the water.

Learn more about HVO100