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Boat Hire Bonkevaart


Boat hire in Leeuwarden in the Blitsaerd neighbourhood, with luxury electric sloops.

Hire an electric sloop in Leeuwarden

Choose  an unforgettable sailing trip to go on with family or friends!

You'll have the opportunity to sail through the canals of Leeuwarden for at least 8 hours with one of the boats, starting at the 'Bonke':

- Anyone can sail: with us no license is required and refueling is also a thing of the past! More sailing time for less money.

- For the special offers, go to restaurant De Grote Wielen or to Eetcafe De Winze (Wyns). Or consider one of our package deals for fun outings.

- You depart from the new Blitsaerd port: within a short time you'll see part of the Eleven Cities Route or you'll be  sailing through the canals of Leeuwarden.

- Clear instructions when handing over the electric sloop.

- We have the best value for your money with our newest and most comfortable electric sloops from Leeuwarden and the surrounding areas.

- Always available for our guests.

- Our electric sloops are equipped with a platform for a great swimming experience.

-Don't wan't to sail yourself? Trips can be booked with skipper!

Here you will find Boat Hire Bonkevaart

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8926XH Leeuwarden
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