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Aldtsjerk /Wyns /Bartlehiem

2 hour 45 minutes (14.0 km)

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The canoe route along these three Tytsjerksteradielster villages brings you along two Elfsteden monuments, the Tegeltjes Bridge and the world famous Elfsteden bridge in Bartlehiem. A tour that takes you past historic places of the tour of tours.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Miedemaweg
9064 KL Aldtsjerk

Eetcafe De Winze

Wijns 30
9091BE Wyns
Eetcafe De Winze

Bartlehiem Bridge - Elfstedentocht

Einde van de Zuidermiedweg
Bartlehiem 61
9178 GH Wânswert
Bartlehiem Bridge - Elfstedentocht
End point: Miedemaweg
9064 KL Aldtsjerk