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Leeuwarden Petting Zoo


The Leeuwarden Petting Zoo sits within walking distance of the city centre. You can meet all sorts of animals here: pigs, chickens, guinea pigs; rabbits, pigeons, donkeys; sheep, ducks, swans; turkeys, peacocks, horses; ponies, goats, and parakeets...

... our huge playground is split into two areas; one for children between 0 and 5, and one for kids 6 years and up. Both playgrounds are set up so that kids can swing, spin, and play to their hearts desire. There is also a series of slides, climbing frames, and a zip-line.  There is even a 'discovery path', where you can discover the mysteries of the gnome 'Fluitekruid' and his friends!

Next to the playgrounds and petting zoo, the cafe is equally suited to kids and adults, with fresh tea and coffee, a variety of cold drinks, ice-cream; and warm snacks. The terrace has a rustic feel, with views over the playgrounds and animals. And, if the good weather extends into the evening, you can enjoy a drink on the sunny terrace, whilst still keeping an eye on the kids.

Vanaf € 2,50 (voor kinderen)
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