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Drink & Eetlokaal Proefverlof


Most people have (happily) never been to prison, let alone eaten in one. We're about to change change that!

At Drink & Eetlokaal Proefverlof, you'll experience pure food, locally sourced, in a beautiful setting in the former city prison of Leeuwarden. Not all restaurants provide the opportunity for in-cell dining, or sitting around an inmates table, or indeed floating on the water (on our stunning terrace). Not for nothing are we led by the slogan: 'Don't wait for astounding moments, make existing moments astounding!'

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Eating establishment/Lunchroom/Restaurant/Café-restaurant/Catering/Bar serving food
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Here you will find Drink & Eetlokaal Proefverlof

Blokhuisplein 40
8911 LJ Leeuwarden
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