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Sorgdrager Cultural History Museum


In the Cultural History Museum, the culture, history and customs of Ameland come together in a very special way. Whoever visits the Sorgdrager museum, walks through time and experiences Amelander history.

Wandering through the various rooms, the visitor comes across a variety of special and unique objects that tell the stories from the rich history of Ameland.
Discover the history of whaling and the fortunes of the Cammingha family and their castle. Browse around in the open depot and on the top floor or marvel at the beautiful furniture from earlier times. Anyone who wants to know more about the objects and the stories behind them can download an app on his or her mobile phone to take a journey through Ameland's history.

If you really want to experience and discover Ameland, you should definitely visit the Cultural History Museum, because there is something special to discover in every room.

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Here you will find Sorgdrager Cultural History Museum

Herenwen 1
9161 AM Hollum
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