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Spanga Bell Tower


The substantial wooden bell tower in the Frisian village of Spanga was installed in the graveyard in 1989. But there was a problem. The cost of building the bell tower did not leave enough money to buy a bell. What was to be done?

The previous bell tower on this site was demolished in 1831. The new bell tower built to replace it 20 years later was damaged by a heavy storm in 1954. The bell tower we see today was inaugurated on 27 October 1989. However, the construction of the bell tower was not without its problems. At a certain point it became clear that there was not enough money to buy a bell. Fortunately, the bank in Wolvega believed it was essential that there should be a bell and generously donated the money so the municipality of Weststellingwerf could buy one. 

The bell is still sounded at funerals to this day and the tower in which it is housed is now a protected monument.

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