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Korenmolen de Volharding

Koornbeurs Building

The Dutch speaker and socialist politician Domela Nieuwenhuis lectured throughout Friesland. The Koornbeurs building in Gorredijk was conveniently located and well equipped, so Domela decided to hold one of his lectures there. Over the years the building had served as a station and a post office. Later it became an important podium for socialist speakers. In 1882, 8 years before the famous right to vote meeting in Het Meer, the upper room in the Koornbeurs building hosted a successful lecture by the man Frisian farm labourers called ‘Our Saviour’. There was a great deal of interest with many workers coming on foot to hear Domela speak. 

The lecture was held largely thanks to the efforts of Rindert Van Zinderen Bakker who admired Domela and organised the lecture at the Koornbeurs building.


Brouwerswal 1
8401 CZ Gorredijk
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