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it Dreamlân ecolodge


Sleeping in this ecolodge is a special nature experience with great views of the famous Dutch skies. Summertime you will enjoy the atmosphere of the neighbouring small campsite. In winter it's quiet and peaceful. Close to Lauwersmeer and Wadden Sea.

Are you crazy about the relaxed atmosphere, the great outdoors and that camping feeling? But camping isn’t really your thing? No matter – you’re not alone. And that’s why glamping was invented! Simply book one of our wildly attractive Trek-in. Glamping is sleeping on a good mattress, have your own shower and toilet and use a genuine little kitchen with a fridge. No dragging camping equipment around. Just enjoy a true holiday at a great little campsite. With free birdsong when you wake up and a breathtaking view of all of Friesland!


The Trek-in is a sustainable and comfortable campsite with a particularly minimal design. This trekkers’ hut is light, spacious and made of recycled materials, according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. Staying overnight in this wooden house is not just a fantastic experience, it’s also good for your carbon footprint! The Trek-ins are on the old Frisian mound, from which you have an excellent view of the meadows. The large windows at the front and back make it feel like nature is coming inside, while the warm wood provides a feeling of security.


In the winter you, can spend the night in the Trek-in because most are equipped with heating. The total peace and quiet that you find here in spring, autumn and winter makes it really romantic. Watch whole sections of impressive cloudy sky go by as you relax with a pot of tea and a book… Or even snow against the window panes when you wake up in the cosy box bed… fantastic! Prefer heading out? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how nice it is here: check the map of the surroundings with lots of tips.


For children, glamping in the Trek-in is a real adventure. Sleeping upstairs in the cosy box bed, peeping out on the campsite through the bedroom window, going into the playground in bare feet as soon as it gets light and staying out late playing with all the other children at the natural campsite.


The wooden house has 35m2 of floor space and can sleep up to 4 adults. There is a really cosy box bed with two double beds – one set above the other – and the dining area can also be transformed for slightly larger families. The Trek-in has its own WC, shower, heating and kitchen with a full inventory. The heating makes it cosy and comfortable in the winter. For anyone who likes to travel light, sheets, towels and tea towels are available for hire. Smoking is forbidden!

Accommodation type:
Wooden house
Event group size:
max. 5 persons
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Here you will find it Dreamlân ecolodge

it Dreamlân ecolodge
Groeneweg 5
9293MC Kollumerpomp
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