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Harbour Crane in Harlingen


In Harlingen Harbour Crane, you can adjust the panorama to your liking. Day and night.

The high legs of the crane almost in the Wadden Sea and yet only a few steps away from the historic centre of Harlingen. Would you like to spend a romantic night in a harbour crane? That is certainly possible!

The harbour crane is turning around again
For decades, the harbour crane has been a welcome beacon for seafarers entering Harlingen. Where the crane was first used for the unloading of cargo ships, it now offers accommodation for two people. For two years, a large team of professionals worked lovingly on the restoration and renovation of the harbour crane.

Unique experience
A perfect romantic overnight stay at a height of 17 meters. You determine your own views, since you can turn around the harbour crane in the control cabin yourself. A unique experience!

Two lifts up
The access to the crane is surprising. The cage ladders from the past have been replaced by two specially designed lifts. The first lift takes you to a platform between the legs of the crane. In the second lift, you travel together to the living quarters of the crane. "Beam me up, Scotty".

Design and technology go hand-in-hand
In the former machine house, you will find a spacious double bed, seating comfort by Charles Eames, a generous shower and all the facilities needed for an extensive breakfast. You control the light and climate with a touchscreen.

Be a crane driver for a day
A staircase leads from the main room to the rotating cabin. One chair, one club. 360 degrees around and around and around, until the best view is found. In Harlingen Harbour Crane, you can adjust the panorama to your liking, day and night. From the control cabin, you also have access to the highest point of the crane: the large roof terrace.

Accommodation type:
Design hotel
Event group size:
max. 2 persons
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Here you will find Harbour Crane in Harlingen

Dromen Aan Zee
Dokkade 5
8862 NZ Harlingen
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