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If you set off from the Rijsterbos forest and walk in the direction of Lake IJsselmeer you will come to the cliff at Mirns. It is a place that attracts kite surfers, kite flyers and beach lovers. The cliff was formed during the last ice age but one when the land was pushed up by enormous glaciers that advanced from Scandinavia and deposited large boulders in Gaasterland. The forces exerted by the ice created hills in the landscape and the wave action of the Zuiderzee inlet cut three cliffs into the bedrock. The cliff and beach at Mirns have long been a very popular place. There was once a domed teahouse here. Today there is a pavilion with a terrace where you can order refreshments and enjoy the view of Lake IJsselmeer.


Murnserdyk 46
8573 WP Mirns
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