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Brandemeer Nature Reserve


The Brandemeer nature reserve is an area of beautiful unspoilt countryside in the municipality of Weststellingwerf. This is a wonderful place to walk or cycle, take spectacular nature photos and discover different species of birds.

The Brandemeer nature reserve is one of 132 protected nature reserves in this part of the Netherlands. This helps safeguard the habitats of the protected species known to live in this area. The reserve is connected to the Rottige Meente nature reserve and Weerribben-Wieden National Park. All are managed by Staatsbosbeheer, the national forestry organisation that oversees the Netherlands’ green heritage. The Tjonger and Helomavaart waterways run northwest and southwest of the Brandemeer nature reserve.

The many different plant and wildlife species here make this a great spot for nature lovers. The unique environmental values of the area include wet heathland and aquatic plants such as pondweed and Stratiotes aloides. A walk or bike ride through the reserve is guaranteed to be a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts. 

Here you can get away from it all and be completely immersed in nature. 

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