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Rietmeer bij Blauwhuis Westhem

Blauhúster Poelen Nature Reserve

The Blauhúster Poelen (in Frisian Blauhúster Puollen) nature reserve encompasses three small reservoirs - It Fliet, Reidmar and Sipkemar - and the former natural drainage area of Tsjesskar.    This is a wonderful place to sail a small (electric) boat and maybe continue on to Lake Oudegaasterbrekken.   There is also the electric-only Reidmar Boating Route from the small village of Westhem. The Reidmar reservoir is visible to the left of the Pollepleats party venue nearby. And if you cycle along the bank of Lake Oudegaasterbrekken from the village of Oudega towards the windmill, you will see the Sipkemar reservoir. There is a gorgeous view of the Sipkemar reservoir from the railway bridge.


De Kat
8616 LB Westhem
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