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Achlum is a picturesque village along the Achlumervaart. Did you know that the alternative Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) passes through this canal? The Slachtedijk also runs along the village. Explore the numerous national monuments on foot, by bike...

Achlum is a picturesque village. The Achlumervaart runs through the center of the village, with the Dorpsstraat on one side and the Tanjabuurt on the other side of the canal. The old part of the village has a protected village view and several national monuments.

Achlum is an ancient village with habitation dating back to 600 BC. In the center of the village stood a monastery, on the site now used as a playing field for the traditional Frisian sport of kaatsen. The entire old part of the village is a protected village view. The church and the farmhouse next to it (the kleasterpleats) are both national monuments.

Groot Deersum was a stins (medieval stone house) to the east of the village. The grounds where the stins stood are still surrounded by a moat, and there is also a gatehouse on the premises. A farmhouse named Poarte Plaets is still standing on the site.

You can visit Achlum - besides by motor vehicle - by boat, bicycle, or on foot. Around Achlum, there are various walking routes that lead partly through the meadows and various cycling paths. You can moor your boat along the canal.

Make sure to also pay a visit to the chocolate factory!

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