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Volksgebouw Aurora

Volksgebouw Aurora

This remarkable place tells the story of Domela and his life in the ‘volksgebouw Aurora’, the meeting with Yme Kuiper, and the demolition of the building after Domela's death.

Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis has married four times. Coincidentally, they were all called Johanna. Thanks to Yme Kuiper, a good friend of Domela, he made sure that Domela and his 4th husband could live in an innkeeper. During his stay, Domela renamed the building 'Aurora'. This building acquired the ‘volksgebouw Aurora’, an association building for the socialist movement.

After Domela's death, the Christian school took over the building. The people's building Aurora was demolished and a Protestant church of the municipality of Heerenveen were replaced. This building was in use until 2012.

Today this building serves as a municipal monument and home for the elderly.


Volkshuis Aurora
Burgemeester Falkenaweg 12
8442 DJ Heerenveen
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