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Church of Achlum


Meeting at a truly unique and historic location in Friesland. That's what the church of Achlum has to offer.

This beautiful, intimate church in Achlum, which is 115 years old, was restored in 1958 and decades later, it was transformed into a residential house under architectural guidance after the last church service was held there in 2002. If churches could speak, this one would have a lot to tell after 115 years! And now, this inspiring space is available for meetings. Imagine: maintaining its original exterior, fully equipped on the inside, while many historical details remind us of its long history. Tall, distinguished windows, the arched wooden ceiling, the organ in the kitchen - everything has been renovated and painted in beautiful colors. We can truly call it a unique and inspiring meeting place.

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Here you will find Church of Achlum

Kerkje van Achlum
Monnikenweg 12
8806 KX Achlum
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