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Akkrum is a charming watersports village in the heart of the Frisian lake district, near the National Park De Alde Feanen.

Akkrum is a delightful watersports village in the middle of the Frisian lake area, near the National Park De Alde Feanen.

You can take a stroll in parks like Coopersburg, Welgelegen, and in the village center. At the Tourist Info Point by the marina, you can obtain a map containing information about the history of the parks and their associated buildings.

Due to its location between the Sneekermeer near Sneek and the Pikmeer near Grou, Akkrum is truly a watersports village. The surroundings of Akkrum are perfect for exploration by water. You can, for example, rent a paddleboard or kayak to explore Akkrum and the surrounding waters.

During the summer, various events are organized in the village, such as the 'Reuzedei'. You can also enjoy dining at one of the various restaurants or cafes.

Additionally, Akkrum is a twin village with the neighboring village Nes, often referred to as Akkrum-Nes.

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