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Waterland van Friesland

Red Cliff at Lake IJsselmeer

At the edge of Lake IJsselmeer there is a red cliff that is 10 metres high. It was formed during the last ice age but one when the land was pushed up by enormous glaciers that advanced from Scandinavia bringing large boulders and gravel with them. The forces exerted by the ice created hills in the landscape and the wave action of the Zuiderzee inlet cut three cliffs into the bedrock. The red cliff is the highest of the three cliffs and is named after the colour of the boulder clay. The large boulder inscribed with the words ‘Leaver dea as slaef’ (better dead than a slave) commemorates the battle of Warns which took place here in 1345, when the Frisians defeated William IV the Count of Holland.


8721 EX Warns
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