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skûtsje Gudsekop

De Gudsekop is a Frisian flat-bottomed ship. In contrast to other, similar ships, the Gudsekop for example doesn’t have an engine. Among much more, this makes sailing the Gudsekop into a truly unique experience.

 Would you like to come sailing with us? The ship is sailing every year from April until the end of October. Tours are made from homeport Akkrum. Everyone – from the most-experienced sea dog to the greenest landlubber – can join for a weekend or a week of active sailing, although everyone is expected to lend a hand when the ship’s sailing requires it. Our booking system is available only in Dutch. Our crew however speaks English and is happy to answer any questions.


  • Adultsfrom €60.00 to €195.00 . Price depending on the length of the activity, on average € 27.50 to € 35 per day.


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