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Drogehamstermieden Nature Reserve


The Drogehamstermieden nature reserve is one of the more beautiful parts of the Noardlike Fryske Walden National Landscape conservation area. Come and experience it for yourself!

The marshes of Drogehamstermieden are a haven for birds and a refuge from the stress of everyday life. The peace and quiet and sense of space here is a wonderful experience.

The reserve is part of the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden National Landscape conservation area, the largest hedgerow and woodland landscape in Western Europe. In this beautiful part of Friesland nature is managed by the farmers. This very sustainable approach means that you get to enjoy a spectacular area where the ever-changing scenery presents one amazing view after another. It really is worth seeing!

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Here you will find Drogehamstermieden Nature Reserve

Nabij Tillewei , einde van de weg aan het kanaal (Speelbos Hossebos) 32
9289 HC Drogeham
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