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Beach Langehoekspôlle

It Heidenskip

On the east side of the Langehoekspôlle in the Fluessen, also known as Knine-eilân, you will find a delightful swimming beach.

On the Langehoekspôlle (also known as Knine-eilân), a small-scale recreational area has been created with a beautiful sandy beach for the little ones.

The Langehoekspolle (Knine-eilân) is a reasonably large island where you can easily dock your boat and take a stroll around. Note: it can get quite busy in the summer.

You are allowed to stay overnight for free if your boat is moored at this uninhabited island, just make sure you have a Marrekrite flag on board!

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Here you will find Beach Langehoekspôlle

8724 LJ It Heidenskip
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