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Opende Blotevoetenpad Barefoot Trail


Feel the mud between your toes, wade through the pond, get sandy on the beach and lost in the maze. The Barefoot Trail is a real adventure. Getting dirty is part of the fun. Be sure to read the tips for parents!

If you plan to come by car, bring old towels and plastic bags to put them in. And be sure to include a towel for yourself because walking barefoot in the mud is great fun! ;-) The Barefoot Trail is a real adventure.

It is also a chance to sit on a bench, dangle your legs and appreciate the view, or simply enjoy doing nothing. The trail leads through different terrains and is a wonderful sensory experience for people of all ages. 

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Here you will find Opende Blotevoetenpad Barefoot Trail

Blotevoetenpad Opende
Nabij Kaleweg (incl. strandje) 12
9865 TC Opende
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