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Museam Belvédere

The sleek museum building was designed by Eerde Schippers from Inbo architects in Heerenveen. The building is intrinsically connected with the landscape and the art. The dark basalt façade almost disappears against the trunks of the trees in the museum park.

The permanent collection focuses on paintings that enter into a relationship with the surrounding landscape. The permanent collection of Museum Belvédère includes works by Jan Mankes, Hendrik Werkman, Thijs Rinsema, Jean Brusselmans, Jan Altink, Gerrit Benner, Willem Hussem, Roger Raveel, J.C.J. Vanderheyden and Robert Zandvliet. In 2006, Museum Belvédère was awarded BNA Building of the Year. This is the most important Dutch award for architecture.

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