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Museum en Werkplaats Houtstad IJlst


Experience the history of IJlst during an active visit to: Museum and workshop Houtstad IJlst. IJlst has been connected with wood for many centuries.

Wood through the ages
IJlst has been connected with wood for many centuries. Until the invention of the crankshaft in the Middle Ages, wood had to be worked by manpower. The crankshaft made it possible to turn a circular motion into an up-and-down movement and, therefore, to saw trunks using wind power. Due to the invention of the steam engine, wind power was no longer needed. The saw-frame developed for the windmill was now powered by steam. Later an electric motor was coupled with the saw-frame. 

Sawing with steam!
In IJlst, you can see and experience the whole development of wood sawing: Sawmill De Rat still cuts trees into planks just like 300 years ago. In the Museum, the saw-frame is periodically driven by steam or electricity. You can also admire the human-powered saw with us! 

IJlst: city rights for more than 750 years!
IJlst has a rich history, which is still reflected in its current form. On an authentic oak farmers flatboat (driven by electricity), you can get acquainted with the age-old location of IJlst, completely surrounded by water. Museum Houtstad IJlst exhibits a beautiful scale model of IJlst in full glory in the Golden Age! Our guides will gladly tell you the extraordinary stories about the origin of IJlst, the important Frisian shipping route from IJlst to Amsterdam, the shipbuilding industry, the timber trade and much more. 

Nooitgedagt: skates, tools and toys
In the year 1865, Jan Nooitgedagt started making planes and chisels. With his four sons the company grew into an enterprise with more than 150 employees.
It is possible to experience 150 years of product development. Nowadays, Nooitgedagt tools are still praised for their quality. These tools deserve a second life and that is why duplicates are for sale at Museum Houtstad IJlst! The Museum Houtstad IJlst considers sustainability as one of its objectives. 

Building Museum Houtstad IJlst
The museum building is inspired by wood construction from the past. Nine robust cubes form a complete whole. The building is energy neutral. It offers a marvellous view of the Sawmill and the ancient shipping route in the direction of Sneek: De Geeuw.
You can also enjoy the flower fountain, which many consider the most beautiful of the 11 fountains. IJlst itself offers cosy outdoor cafés and you can take a wonderful walk through the old town of IJlst and enjoy the unique gardens (overtuinen). 

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Here you will find Museum en Werkplaats Houtstad IJlst

Houtstad IJlst
Sneekerpad 14
8651 NE IJlst
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