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Friese Vloot

Friese Vloot

An active vacation, a relaxing weekend, chill out and unwind together; everything is possible with FrieseVloot. FrieseVloot is a cooperative consisting of a number of enthusiastic skippers with traditional sailing ships. No-nonsense quality, interaction with their guests, and their love for sailing guarantee an unforgettable experience at and near the water. Sailing with a traditional ship is so special because the activity itself, which is a comfortable way of transportation, which brings you to your desired destination, while serving for comfortable accommodation. The certified skippers and their devoted crew believe that hospitality is vital. Each ship stipulates its safety regulations and is definitely a safe place for everyone. And don't forget that sailing is an environmentally aware activity. The skippers from FrieseVloot have all the skills and knowledge of sailing with various groups.


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