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Jan Durkspolder vogelkijkhut

Jan Durkspolder

Jan Durkspolder is a wetland reserve that is part of De Alde Feanen National Park.

In the winter, the ice on the flooded polder is a great place to learn to skate because the water is shallow. 

The area is a haven for many species of foraging and migrating birds, which can be viewed from a marvellous bird-watching hide. Tours are offered on a regular basis and

there is also a pilgrimage trail through this beautiful nature reserve: Section 3 of the Bonifatius Kloosterpad />, the St Boniface monastery route in Friesland, leads from the village of Garyp through the Jan Durkspolder wetland reserve to the village of De Veenhoop. 


Alde Feanen - Jan Durkspolder - Vogelkijkhut
Geau 2
9216 XJ Oudega
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