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Museum de Grutterswinkel


Museum de Grutterswinkel showcases life around a real old-fashioned grocery shop and everything it entails. In those ‘good old days’ without grocery shops, you had small, cosy ones where the cash register was still really making a ringing sound...

Museum de Grutterswinkel showcases life around a real old-fashioned supermarket with everything that goes with it. In "the good old days" without supermarkets, you had small, cosy corner shops where the cash register still really rang and groceries passed over the counter in paper cone bags. One such authentic grocery still exists in the heart of Leeuwarden, located in a seventeenth-century building at Nieuwesteeg 5. From 1900, 'all' Leeuwarden did its shopping in the colonial and grocery shop of the Feenstra family. The museum hosts changing exhibitions. Around 15,000 visitors come to this museum every year. The many reactions show that the nostalgic atmosphere is extremely appealing to people. The museum consists of several rooms, almost all of which are freely accessible. In the former living rooms, a fresh cup of coffee or tea is served with orange cake and a real Frysk Dúmke. Below the coffee room is a more than four centuries old wine cellar with a trough vault. On the first floor is the back house, where it becomes clear how a small family used to live, with the bedstead and the húske (toilet).

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Here you will find Museum de Grutterswinkel

De Grutterswinkel
Nieuwesteeg 5
8911DT Leeuwarden
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