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it Dreamlân groupaccommodation


Under the large roof of the attractive farmhouse, you will find 4 design holiday homes and a communal area. The house fits up to 20 persons in total and the common space has a large kitchen and dining area to be able to sit and dine all together.

Are you forever on the lookout for that one great place where you can enjoy time with family or other families? But then again… not constantly? A place where you also have your privacy, so that you can wake up in peace with your own family, and enjoy your breakfast at your own pace. During the day you can all head off to the mudflats, lakes or islands, and in the evening you get to cook together in the large kitchen and eat together at a long table in the communal space. This place is the groupaccommodation of Lân, Loft, Wetter and Waad!


Here you’ve got it all: the groupaccommodation has 4 separate houses, each with its own kitchen, toilet and bedrooms. As well as a communal area large enough for everyone to cook and eat together in. All that together under the large roof of an attractive ‘barn’. Lân, Loft, Wetter and Waad. That’s what these beautifully designed holiday homes are called. It’s Frisian for land, air, water and mudflats. And that’s all there is around here… There are no motorways, no crowds, no air pollution and no densely built up areas. But you do get vast cloudy skies, nature and space. With the risk that you relax, enjoy yourself and find a bit of peace and quiet. Be careful.

Altogether, the groupaccommodation has 4 houses and 20 beds. Plus a cot here and there if need be. In the communal area, you can share a large kitchen where you can all cook together; there is a long table to eat at and a cosy cushioned area with a TV if the children start to get bored. In the evening you can make a nice fire in the communal area of the groupaccommodation and with the baby monitor on the table you can chat away until the early hours. Older children will have no problem finding their own space in one of the houses.


The colours and furnishing of the 4 houses of the groupaccommodation fit in with the themes. Did you have any idea that nature could be so colourful? With the huge windows at the front and back and the breathtaking panoramic view, it’s as if nature were joining you at the table. The colours used emphasise this effect. You can just sit here and spend the whole day watching the clouds float by… daydreaming is apparently very good for the soul.


Behind the groupaccommodation there is a large sheltered orchard with tables where you can all sit down and eat together outside. There is also a a fireplace here so you can enjoy the great outdoors until late at night. At the small neighbouring campsite, you’ll find for the children a great playground, a trampoline and a large sandpit. And more bikes, go-karts, a football field and lots of places to sit and relax. At the far end of the campsite is a jetty with two Canadian canoes for paddling among the meadows.

Accommodation type:
Holiday home
Group size overnight:
max. 20 persons
Event group size:
max. 20 persons
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Here you will find it Dreamlân groupaccommodation

it Dreamlân groepsaccommodatie
Groeneweg 3
9293MC Kollumerpomp
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