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Houtwiel_erop uit in Friesland

De Houtwiel Nature Reserve

The De Houtwiel nature reserve is a wild marshland landscape with a 5-kilometre hiking trail running through it. The trail leads to a lookout point with a spectacular view.

This wetland area dotted with ponds, pools, peat pits, ditches and reed beds hosts the highest density of Eurasian bitterns in Friesland.

In years gone by the monastery trail that led through the area was not a popular route. People regarded the marshland as godforsaken place. They were afraid of being robbed and saw ghostly apparitions in the mist that rose from the marsh... 

For modern-day pilgrims the experience is very different. Section 1 of the Bonifatius Kloosterpad, the St Boniface monastery route in Friesland passes through the reserve. So today it is a pleasure to walk the trail.  


De Houtwiel
P-plaats Schwartzenbergloane, nabij Goddeloaze Singel 14
9108 AL Broeksterwâld
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