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Idzegaasterpoel bij Heeg

Lakes Area near Heeg, Gaastmeer and Oudega

The lakes area that lies between and surrounds the villages of Heeg, Gaastmeer and Oudega is a unique stretch of unspoilt nature with interconnected small lakes and watercourses lined with reed beds.

In the spring many meadow birds nest near the small stretches of water and on the low-lying land.  There is a boating route for canoes and small electric boats.  The Skriezekrite Idzegea godwit recovery project manages part of the area with the aim of increasing the numbers of black-tailed godwit. The boating route passes beneath low bridges and connects the villages of Oudega, Gaastmeer and Heeg. It also leads past the small village of Idzegea, where there is a small graveyard with a bell tower. From here there is a footpath along the bank of Lake Idzegeaster where there is also a bird observation tower.


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