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SailWise IJsselmeer Challenge

This event has already taken place


Encourage visually impaired Jos Lavrijsen as he makes the crossing from Friesland's Elahuizen to Enkhuizen on his surfboard. A journey of over 40 kilometers across the challenging waters of the IJsselmeer.

In Elahuizen, you will witness the festive departure of the inclusive fleet, consisting of both well-known and lesser-known water sports enthusiasts.

SailWise Foundation in Elahuizen celebrates its 50th anniversary with a Lustrum 10-day event, starting with the IJsselmeer Challenge. If you are also interested in the program preceding the fleet's departure, sign up for the free lustrum breakfast. More information is available on our website.

until 11 April
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Here you will find SailWise IJsselmeer Challenge

It Sailhûs
Mardyk 11
8581KG Elahuizen
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