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Trailer ramps in Friesland

Friesland is pre-eminently the most beautiful sailing area in the Netherlands. As a result, it is always pleasantly busy on the Frisian waters in the summer. To launch all these boats, there are many slipways throughout the province. Launch your boat and enjoy the beautiful lakes, the Eleven Cities and the unique nature.

Where can you find the slipways?

Friesland has more than 195 slipways spread throughout the province. In collaboration with we help you find it.

View all slipways here

Five tips from the editors

  • 1.

    Ûtbuorren 54, Terherne 

  • 2.

    Heechein 72, Akkrum 

  • 3.

    De Bûtertonne, Delfstrahuizen

  • 4.

    Camping tjeukemeer

  • 5.

    Pontdyk, Langweer